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    Bike path a$$wipes

    So what's the issue with ppl who come up with no warning on a 5 year old who is trying to just get a handle on riding a straight line.
    I tell them to back off and at least call out. One dipstick on a Kona Dawg told me to STFU or he'd stomp me and traumitize my kid. Niiiice. Way to be tough in front of your girlfriend dude.
    I told him that we didn't hear him coming and his response "because I didn't say anything". Hmmm, ain't that the frickin point? To say something? I laughed and he skidded to a stop threating, again.
    Another MTB rider, same bit. Just slides in next to me. Then he tells me I should be telling the kid to ride straight. I am, and if I have warning, she can straighten out too for a short bit

    The rodies were fine, I got a waring call, bell, something far enough in advance so I tell the little one to straighten out for a bit and the pace line zipped by, most with some word of encouragement for the little person.

    But the nice part, we went a nice distance (for the munchkin) and got some playground time in too.

    Don't harsh my mello

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    You see?!?

    All this time I've been trying to tell you what d!cks mtb'ers can be and you'd never believe me. "As long as they bring beer, they're cool," you said.

    Sorry to hear it. Sounds like a couple of people need to have their attitude adjusted.

    Sayyyyyyyy. What if we dressed Big Boulder up as a 5-year-old and went out on the bike trail with him and doled out some STFU ourselves? (Insert hands rubbing in glee Smiley here).

    What's the difference between red and green?

    Apparently nothing if you’re on a bike.

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    Paging Jim Beam

    Where's that Jim Beam guy and his pepper spray when you need him?

    Sorry to hear about the unpleasant encounter. As a parent, I'd be enraged if it happened to my kid.

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    What path was it? Nowhere near Coyote Hills in Fremont, right? Yeah, sounds like those are the guys who skid on trails and when you say something, blow you off and continue. Not everyone can be considerate, obviously...

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    You should carry a foot long dowel so you can stuff it in a wheel. Personally I hate that people do that, but, this may be an exception?

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    Most PEOPLE are just DICKS

    That's the problem - just people....

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    Some ppl are *******s regardless of what they ride or where they are at. Garbage like that just gives mountain bikers a bad name. I try and be polite to everyone on the trail. Someday you might need somebody to save your butt out there.

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    When it is your kid

    your wife,your dog, you have more fragile people with you, or you're walking, the sensitivity to presence of cyclists is much higher and the tendancy to see threats is higher. That doesn't mean that these guys weren't thoughtless. What is does reveal is how we, regardless of our own good riding and trail sharing behaviors, are seen by people of differnt motivations and modes.

    Having met and ridden with WG I know I am preaching to the choir as he is a gentleman. My point is just a comment on perspective.

    One other point I'd like to make is that modifying adult behavior on the trails is very difficult and can be akin to inciting road rage. That ties into the reason I walked away from the Trails Counsil about 5 years ago. As Joel Cairo said in the Maltese Falcon "I felt distinctly foolish" trying to deflect arguements against boorish trail behavior by saying "don't hold the bad behavior of a minority against all of us" or some vapid and hollow denal on minimization of such occurances of trail conflict. I realized that we have very little leverage on adults to behave.

    That is when I started developing kids and teens as riders. With some sense of authority I could delineate behavior and establish a culture fundimentally based in sharing and safety. At the same time I was able to enrich the more aggressive riding people want to do but redirect it to places and times more appropriate. We restrict "full bore" riding to race courses or places I know are clear, open, and have good sitelines. This weekend, for example, our Varsity workout will take place within a race at TBF. I framed this by saying "we can't ride full bore safely around here for more than a few hundred yards so our Varsity workout is at Granite Bay next week." It places extreme efforts in a special and diginfied context.

    Now, having created a mtb community in El Cerrito over the last 5 years, with the help of about a dozen different coaches, graduates of our program, collegiate racers, countless parents, and financial support from the local communty, and from the MTBR community, we have developed over 80 new mountain bikers. When we run into hikers on the trails we greet them and make room or they make room for us and all the kids say thank you or have a good day. When we are working out on the trails and some meathead thoughtlessly blows by on "his ride" without an "on your left" or anything, the kids just kinda shake their heads. When we use the Bay Trail as a Peleton of 12 riders doing a 18 mph paceline just take a guess at how fast we pass a 5 year old?

    So now I work with the Trails Counsil again and when I have to go up against hikers, and equestrians at Parks/trails meetings I stand on some pretty firm ground.

    You aren't alone out there WG. This year there are 350 High School Mountain Bike Racers in training working pretty close to our parameters and the scene will be better. In the mean time watch your shredder carefully; I have you on the calendar for a 2014 recruitment call.

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    If I was taking a little one out no way would I ever take them into a high traffic zone. You are setting yourself up for chaos like this.

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