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    Best PC-compatible Video editing SW?

    What are you all using these days for editing videos? I was a fan of Pinnacle Studio back in the day, then ventured into the world of pro-sumer NLE's with Pinnacle whatever-it-was-called and Adobe Premiere...what else is out there that is reasonable intuitive and relatively bug-free?

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    PC? Premiere Pro. Mac: Final Cut Pro.
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    I also had the Pinnacle board coupled with Premiere. If you know Premiere stick with it, you can get a decent upgrade purchase if you have an older license. Huge changes from version 5, 6 which it sounds like you had. Much more stable these days and powerful. I'm using CS3 still.

    Its amazing how far its come in 20 years. I had Premiere 1.0 Win that came with an Intel Indeo board, I think I was running it on a 3 or 486...holeee crap time fly's!

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    Sweet, thanks for the feedback...I did like the UI of Premiere, but got tired of the crashing. I'll give the newest generation a try since it sounds more stable. Thanks!

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    I was using Vegas for a while but it was overkill for what I needed. I switched to Cyberlink PowerDVD and have been happy with it. My only complaint is that the audio features aren't all that great. I can do the basics pretty easily (add music tracks, adjust levels, fade, etc) but for things like noise reduction, EQ and effects, I just export the audio and use dedicated audio software.
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    vegas and premiere are awesome, but cyberlink works well

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