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    I was pretty obsessed with tracking elevation last year, but have stopped this year. A lot of commitments are keeping me to 1 mtb ride a week so trying to squeeze more time in on the bike via commuting which is pretty flat. More miles, but while I was ahead of last year through June or July I'm pretty sure my total would be under 250K if I was still tracking every ride.

    rednova's numbers are from Marin, most good riding here requires a lot of steep climbing. It's hard to ride 20 miles without at least 3.7-4K of climbing, 187 is right on the money.


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    [double post]
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzz Cut View Post
    I just ride my bike, up, down, around, and enjoy it. I have no electronics on me except for a turned off cell phone and a digital camera. No clue or cares as to how far ,fast, or how much. I prefer to smell the fungi and wildflowers
    I'm with Buzz Cut. No electronics for me. If I were aiming for some arbitrary mileage, or climbing goal, it would just stress me out. I ride to relieve stress, not add to it.

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    "If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean Allan View Post
    Regardless of how many miles we rode or climbed, I hope you all had a fun time on your bike!
    But of course. Exercise and fun all rolled into one.

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    I just like keeping track of milage.
    Im not fast, I dont go hunting KOMs,, I just like having the raw data.

    Used to track stuff by hand, but I cant wait to put in 7k miles in a year again.

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    1381mi., 88,488ft
    Trying to get younger.

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    417k to date

    3920 miles to date

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    I didn't use Strava actively until May of this year.

    Elev Gain: 302,438ft
    Distance: 2,001.5mi

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    Three years to get there, half a million feet!

    Up St Joseph's Hill everyday.

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    My mileage

    Overall a solid active year for a guy w/four kids and a busy work schedule.
    The great thing is my son who is 8 has really taken to riding so hopefully I'll be able to continue "double ride" weekends and maybe break 350K next year. All miles and footies are a gift!

    Distance 1,604.7mi
    Time 203hr 21m
    Elev Gain 240,679ft
    Rides 129

    Got some runnin' miles in too while training for 2 1/2 Marathons:

    Distance 213.8mi
    Time 41hr 3m
    Elev Gain 8,947ft
    Runs 51


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