• 12-23-2012
    4 Stolen Bikes please help keep an eye out.
    Hey guys so one of my co-workers/ riding buddies came home last night to discover all 4 of his high end bikes had been stolen out of his garage. I have personally built two of these bikes for him and they are all pretty unique builds. He has already contacted the police and filled out a report but I thought I would share with you guys to keep an eye out. Here are some description.

    Bike #1... Very Rare De Rosa Tango Carbon Black/Grey.
    Full Dura Ace 7900 Group with Compact crank, Sram S80, Deda Aluminum Stem, Ritchey Carbon Evo Bars, Sella Italia Carbonio Seat, Black Lizardskin Grip.

    Bike #2...Raliegh Team Carbon Black/White Decals
    Full Dura Ace 7800 other than a 7900 Compact crank, Mavic Cosmic Carbone Sl wheels, Selle italia carbonie Seat, Saso Carbon Stem, Ritchey Carbon Evolution WCS Bars, Black Carbon Bar Tape.

    Bike #3... 06 Giant TCR Advanaced Carbon Black/Blue/Grey
    Full Dura Ace 7800, Mavic Cosmic Carbon Sl, Fizik arione Carbon, Saso Carbon Stem, Ritchey Carbon Evolution WCS. Black Lizard Skin DSP Tape.

    Bike #4... 2011 Trek Superfly Carbon 29er
    Full Sram XX group, Formula R1 with Carbon Levers, Carbon XLR Lefty, Stans ZTR Race wheels, EC70 bars, Thomson Stem

    If you hear about or see anything that resembles these bikes please let me know. Thanks in advanced.

  • 12-23-2012
    Where? My co worker just had 4 bikes stolen from her garage in Roseville. Two were nice dh freeride bikes. So...this the season I guess. Very shity to hear about all this.
  • 12-23-2012
    What a shame sorry to hear about this. These type of robberies are most certainly planned and the victim must have been scoped out prior to the theft, how else would they know what was in the garage. I wonder if thieves follow people with high end bikes on their cars so they can see where they live then rob them later. I keep meaning to install some sort of locking mechanism for my bike in my garage just in case. Hearing this makes me want to do it asap.
  • 12-24-2012
    This was in South San Jose, update... 1 bike saved.

    He lives in a gated apartment complex and a neighbor noticed his garage was open, as he went to check it out he noticed 2 bikes in the garage( he had no idea he had 4 in there) so he went to the office to ask them to close it but it was already closed for the day. As he was walking back in the direction of the garage he saw and recognized a guy from the apartment complex riding away from the garage on another bike. When he made it back to the garage there was only 1 bike left in the garage and a pair of wheels. So he took it along with the wheels and went back his apartment.
    The following day after my friend had gotten home and reported the incident his neighbor came over and told him he had saved one of his bikes and knew where the guy lived. I went over to his house to go confront the perp. and told him to call the police as well. Upon arriving he was waiting in the office with his neighbor and he told me he called the police and they were coming. I wanted to go straight over to his house, but he wanted to wait for the police to show up. He originally called around 10:40am. almost 2 hours went by when I decided we would go over on our own because it was taking way to long and I at least wanted to confirm it was the right guy with a postive ID from his neighbor.
    So we went over to the house and confronted him which it turned out to be a postive ID from his neighbor so my friend pretty much told him, we know you have my bikes just give them back he saw you taking them. He did what every crimal does and denied denied denied. Assuming the police would be showing up and we confirmed he was there he decided to back off and wait. Well I ended up having to leave for work and he continued to wait until around 3:30pm almost 5 hours after he had originally called 911. He called again and they told him it was too busy and they had no one available.
    Well around 11:30pm last night the original officer who came over the previous night came over to follow up and got all the new details along with a deposition from the nieghbor who ID the perp. He took down the plate number(he owns a truck) and address so we will see where it goes from here. I explained to him the chances of him getting his bikes back is pretty slim being that they have probably been moved since he knew there was a witness, but there is a good chance this guy will get busted.
    Sad part is his wife/girlfriend answered the door and he had children in the background. Im not going to play the saint and I did my fair share of breaking the law as a kid, but as a father myself now I can not fathom the selfishness that must go through someones head to be able to do such things knowing how it might effect their children. Seriouslly makes me sick.

  • 12-24-2012
    Leopold Porkstacker
    I guess we can hope for karma to play itís part in this bad situation. :madmax:
  • 12-25-2012
    I hope you get them back.

    I know how having two bikes stolen this year sucks.