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    1963 Plymouth Valiant R.I.P.

    Not that it's completely related to mountain bikes, but if you are riding Coe in the future you won't be seeing my red 1963 Plymouth Valiant Convertible in the lot anymore. I was parked in front of a sports bar in Mountain View (I wasn't in the car) on El Camino Real and an inebriated man driving way too fast creamed it. A white BMW. The Valiant was destroyed on impact and now I'm looking for a new one and hoping I am compensated well by his insurance. He was given a sobriety test in which he failed so he spent the night in jail. There was a witness, so it was determined that it was completely his fault.

    I had the car since the early 1980's and have driven it daily. It was the second car I bought. It's tough to lose a friend like that that was so dependable and always there.


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    Thats too bad

    I always knew you were riding coe because I'd see that car in the parking lot.
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    Very sad. GRUB 7 has left the building.

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    now...get a '65 Barracuda....mucho awesome!
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    Ughh! Bummer Roy! But at least you weren't in it...or worse, just stepping out or about to get in! And at least the guy had insurance.

    So did you hear the crash from inside the bar?

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    Y no grease?ლ(ಠ益ಠლ
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    Ouch, that sucks. Yeah I'd get another classic not some modern plastic electric-shaver lookin thing.

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    what a drag!! did it have a slant 6 in it? when i was a kid my buddy had one during the early '70's and it was the ultimate surf buggy. the things we did with that car.

    that car laid the foundation for the rest of my life.

    god i'm getting old.

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    Bummer, Roy; I'm really sorry to hear that.

    Now, how will I know when you are running at QS?

    Glad you weren't in it at the time.



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    I was raised on MOPAR. Dad was a mechanic. 225 slant 6's, torqueflites. I had a '62 coupe, '64 coupe and a '73 Sedan. FWIW be prepared to not get much money for her from the insurance settlement. Good luck finding a replacement.

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    Too bad! I always thought it would take its last breath in Coe... maybe you should burn the wreckage and spread the ashes from the cliff overlooking Pacheco Falls.
    Hopefully you'll find a worthy successor...
    Here's my tribute pic:
    <p align="center"><img border="2" src=""></img>


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    NOOOOOOO!!!! This is truly horrible.
    This is no time for levity. - Oliver Hardy

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    Oh damn, that's bad news .
    It will be missed.
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    Curse you Coe!
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    At least it she went quickly. RIP Valiant.

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    She looked nice.

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    Sorry to see the old car go. If you ever ride Tamarancho, there is an identical one right at the bottom of the paved climb(can't remember the street name). Doesn't seem to be driven much.
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    Massive bummer, Roy :(

    It's July 12, 2008 and Roy is swimming at Paradise Lake, but it could have been any Saturday at Hunting Hollow:

    A rare appearance at Skeggs:

    I'm very glad you weren't in the car when it was hit.

    Long live long rides

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    Someone give Plymmer a ride please! I didn't understand the title at the first glance, but my heart sank when I saw that Plymmer posted on Saturday -- a day when he was supposed to be riding at Coe. Something must have gone wrong and I was right. Roy, I'm sorry to hear about your lose, which I could relate to well. Four years ago, I went for a two week climbing trip in Colorado and Wyoming only to come back to find my car being totaled. My car was no '63 Plymouth though, so I got over it pretty fast.

    Every time I went to Coe, the sight of her always brought a smile to my face. I'll miss her too. Lady in Red, R.I.P.
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    Timeless Beauty & Functional Elegance: The Valiant r.i.p.

    I always wanted to get Roy to drive her to Pacheco Camp and Mississippi Lake. We could've have! I imagined 3 beatiful babes in bikinis sitting on the folded up roof, feet on the back seat, in the hot Coe sun, jumping out on the dam, and running into the water to join Roy for another swim. Alas, must it remain a just another wet dream?

    Take nothing for granted! Enjoy what you have.

    Up for a Coe ride next Sat? I'll drive Roy!


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    Is that the same one that's regularly parked near the bottom of Rock Ridge Rd when pedaling up to Camp Tamarancho? If not, you might stop by there to see if his/hers is for sale. There's a red one parked there quite often; not sure it even runs, but that's little issue for the simple slant six.

    I'm a former Mopar A-body buff myself, having had a 65 dart, a 66 dart and a 71 Scamp in my earlier years. My dream car was your ragtop valiant, the equivalent 'cuda or dart, or a 65ish valiant wagon with oh so much curvy window glass. These days, the only grease that gets under my nails is from wrenching on bikes -- less painful (so many nicks, cuts and gouges working on cars), and better for the health, but I still get the occasional wood for a stock A-body.

    btw -- sorry for your loss.
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    About 1980 or so, I bought 63 Valiant convertible from the original owner. Slant 6, pushbutton tranny. Great to see a picture of a similar car.

    I sold in it the late 80s to a guy in the Oakland hills. Still see him around, now has 500k+ on it, painted red (originally painted "coppertone"). He was one of those people who drove his cars down Tunnel Road during the 1991 fire.

    I loved that car, called it Marilyn 'cause it was kind of round but sexy as hell.

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    This is just horrible . She was such a part of any Coe ride. She'll be missed.

    On the positive side hopefully your back will feel better!

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    Wow, sorry to hear it.

    I may not recognize you at the Half Moon Bay ride next year.

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    Ah, man! It sucks to lose a car you love! Total bummer. I was in your shoes about six months ago when someone destroyed my black BMW.

    In the end, I realized it's important to look at the most important thing after any vehicle wreck: you weren't hurt. But I know that doesn't make you miss the car any less.

    Best of luck in finding a new car you will love just as much. I stumbled onto my replacement BMW by total luck and couldn't be happier.

    Your new ride is out there.

    (It might even be right here)

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    What a drag. I followed your car up to Coe HQ just last weekend. I hope you can find another one.
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    My deepest condolences.
    Creamed by a Bavarian what a drag. I always wanted one of these station wagon beauties for myself.

    You need to pull the hood or trunk emblem and mount it really really high in one of the parking lot trees, use some bailing wire.
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