For a while, when I'd grab my rear brake to give it a pump before a ride, it felt squishy in a sense that seemed out of place. A bleed didn't remedy my problem, and so I tried to ignore it. Sometimes it felt like something was about to pop. And finally, upon trying again to fix it by performing another brake bleed, my seals did just that when the brake lever was depressed. What a wonderful mess!

Anyways, Barrett at Art's Cyclery really helped me out on this one. If your reading this now-I miss the beard. I took it in on a Monday and I got another caliper from Shimano sent out and received that very Wednesday.

I don't know what made it faulty-they're the newest XTR trail brakes-either way: I appreciate that, with no questions asked, this was professionally handled.

Now about that stinking Sram X0 shifter I've been waiting on for more than a week now, well-that's another review.