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    XT Brake pad replacement

    Not that good at doing my own work on the bike. How hard is it to replace the pads on my XT M785 brakes. Can I just remove and pop in a new set or do they need to be bled or anything else? Bike shop has a two week wait to do it.

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    Here are the steps I would take:

    1) Unmount the wheel

    2) Use a large flat head screw driver to press the brake pad back into the caliper (zero the caliper) I do this on the old pads so I don't damage the new ones.

    3) Remove the old brake pads

    4) Insert new brake pads

    5) Re mount the wheel

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    ^This. Changing brake pads is something very simple to do and it requires very basic tools.

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    XT Brake pad replacement

    Make sure you do a proper break-in/bedding of the new pads before heading to the trails. The tech doc probably covers this.

    Also, if you have already taken out the wheel& old pads, you can use a tire lever to easily reset the pistons (accomplishing what the above post was using the screwdriver to do)

    pad replacement is one of the easiest things you can do for your bike on your own. Good luck

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    You don't need to bleed the brakes unless they are spongy. Brake pad change following the above steps shouldn't take any more than a half hour for a first timer doing both wheels. Good luck!

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    A monkey could do it. Explained above.

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    Any recommendations for XT M785 replacement pads?

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