• 01-10-2008
    WTB Shimano Brake Hose in Bulk
    Is it possible to buy Shimano (XT) brake hose in bulk. Any little piece you buy is $20 or more. Can you buy a roll of the stuff? Thanks.
  • 01-10-2008
    AFAIK, not at retail
  • 01-11-2008
    How much are you looking for? Jenson has THIS but its $32 for 170cm.
  • 01-11-2008
    if you aren't stuck on shitmano hose, QBP sells hose in 25ft. rolls. you can get it from any LBS that is a QBP dealer (which is most of them)
  • 10-29-2010
    Anything new?
    This thread is a little old, but I am wondering if anyone has sourced bulk shimano compatible hydraulic brake hose?

    I am sick of never being able to get those stupid kits and paying through the nose when I can find them. Individual fittings are available but not the hose by itself.

    Thanks for sharing if you know anything new.
  • 01-01-2013
    Anyone find anything yet? I'm looking for some. Thanks.