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    Why do I need to keep bleeding my Martas?

    My wife's bike has a set of Magura Marta's on them. In the year or so that I've owned the bike I've had to rebleed the brakes 3-4 times. The levers currently need to be pumped a few times before they give a firm lever feel.

    I hang the bike on the wall (front wheel up) could this be causing a problem?

    I have two other sets of Shimano XT brakes that have been absolutely trouble-free with the same treatment.


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    Is it both brakes that need the treatment or just one? If you hang the bike and only the front brake causes probs, it could be air getting out of the res (though there shouldn't be ANY under the membrane) and migrating down the lines. If both do the same thing, it must be unrelated to hanging.

    Do you follow the bleed instructions anally? Including letting a bunch of oil overflow out from under the reservoir membrane at the end? If ALL air is purged from the system during the bleed, but air later gets in or oil gets out somehow (that is the only thing which leads to spongy levers), there is a leak (duh).
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    Well, I try to follow the instructions very closely.

    It's been both the front and rear brakes, but not at the same time. The brakes were originally set up when the bike was built by Larry, so I assume they were correctly bled the first time. They lasted a few months before needing to be rebled.

    I just finished bleeding them again and there was definitely air in the line. It's certainly possible that I'm not getting 100% of the air out and it takes awhile to migrate, or it's possible that there's a small leak, but I don't see any fluid.

    I agree though, it's got to be one or the other. I was just wondering if other people who hang their bikes were seeing the same thing since I see a lot of comments in the reviews about being careful when flipping the bikes over.

    As I said I never have this problem w/ my Shimanos. I mentioned replacing the Marta's with Shimano's and got the "look of death" from my wife, so I imagine I'll just have to hope for the best and/or suck up the occasional rebleed.


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    There can only be two possibilities here -

    1. The brakes have never been bled right. The ultimate, most recent bleeding method from Magura is on my Magura Cult Site. If this latest method hasn't been used then the brakes can be considered improperly bled.

    2. The brakes have an external or internal leak. Either way, Magura will warranty them.

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