I have the 8" Hayes adaptors and they aren't tall/big/long enough to get the pads to the top of the rotor. Is there an adaptor I can just buy and throw on there without having to put washers between the adaptor and the caliper? Right now, that's what I'm doing and it's just slightly too low with the 'thick' washers I had in my toolbox. I admit I haven't checked to see how different the Hayes and Shimano rotors are but I thought they would be the same size.

I dunno if it matters, but my calipers are G1 but I think they should be the same. I also have some Stroker Carbons that I want to use with the same rotors (same type/style, not exact same rotors) so if they need different adaptors....

Anyway, I don't like the washer method but can stick with it if it's my only choice.

The current setup, since I forgot to put it is a Fox Float 36 post mount front and IS rear.