I installed my 2nd set of Kool-Stop Dual Compound MTB Pads a couple of days ago.

The bike I have installed them on is an 89/90 vintage Diamond Back Ascent with the original rigid fork which came with cantilever brakes. I installed the Shimano V-Brakes in 2004. I also had to install a 2mm washer on the inner side of the pads so that they would make better contact with the rims but this just leaves sufficient thread for the locking nut. It would appear that V-Brakes, and Forks originally designed for them, require Brake Bosses that are closer together?

Because of the above issues I am not able to make the best use the pads and the top part is wearing out before the bottom. It also means less power and modulation.

The spacing of the brake bosses on the seat stays is ok with plenty of power present but the problem I have in the rear is that the rim has a low profile, less vertical height, and I am not able to perfectly mate the rim surface with the brake pad surface.

Does anyone know if any brake pad manufacturer makes V-Brake brake pads with longer posts. I think 3cm is what I am looking for. Standard appears to be 2.5cm.

Thanks, MTB
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