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    New question here. Two Saint M810 questions

    I recently switched from Formula TheOneFR to Saint M810s. I'm really digging the brakes (wow, they can stop traffic), but I'd like to work on two things with them:

    1. If possible, I would really like aftermarket brakes levers for them. Twenty6 doesn't make 'em, but it looks like Straitline would be a possibility, but it's not clear from their website if the levers they have are for Saint M800 or M810s. Anyone know if Straitline has them for the M810s or any other company that makes aftermarket levers for the M810s or am I S.O.L?

    2. When the pads got glazed over, they were really squeaky. Fortunately, the squeak is gone after sanding down the pads (metallics). I've run a couple of different rotors on my bike (Dirty Dogs) and Hayes (the only Shimanos the shop had in stock with Centre-lock).

    Three suggestions were offered to reduce the squeak if it comes back or not have it squeak at all were:
    A) Run Shimano (non-centre-lock) rotors
    B) Run one metallic and one resin pad per rotor
    C) Run an aftermarket pad like SwissStop (which is what one of the LBSs recommended or Kool-stop (which I've had good luck with in the past)

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    For question number two:
    If you haven't already, make certain your caliper is dead centered with the rotor. You may need to shim the rotor out from the hub. I do it once; mark the caliper and mount with a paint pen or similar so it's easy to realign after removing the pads. (M810's are not top load as you probably know by now). Take the time get all four pistons moving "out" the same amount. It takes patience, but it can be done. If one or more pistons seems lazy, put one drop of Shimano fluid on the outside diameter of the piston. Let it works its way 360 degrees around the whole piston. Wipe excess. Carefull not to go too far as to pop one of the pistons all the way out. Remove the saint cover off at the lever end and check for air bubbles (with the lever horizontal with the ground). Cycle the lever as needed until no more bubbles. Rescuff your pads. Experiment with rotor size and pad compounds to see what suits you best. Me I live with a little noise from time to time from the metallic pads because I like the stopping power they give.

    Once you get your caliper “marked” for center with the mount, it’s just a matter of removing the caliper to rescuff the pads or clean/free up a lazy piston or two as needed. Then reinstall the caliper/pads using center marks. I usually do this every other week whether it needs it or not. Keeps my lever nice and firm and stopping power to spare.

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    For Question number one;
    Back in '08 straitline said they couldn't figure out how to make levers for the servo wave brakes, something about the patent on the metal inserts. An ME buddy of mine offered to help them with the design for free but they declined, said they were too busy.

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