• 12-19-2007
    Therapy Components disc brake adapter on carbon frame?
    I've got a mid-late 90's Kestrel CS-X which I recently converted to a singlespeed. The frame only has canti/V-brake mounts and I'd like to run disc brakes. Therapy Components makes something called the Brake Therapy Disc Brake Conversion (http://www.therapycomponents.com/btmoreinfo.htm).

    Does anyone have experience using this product, particularly on a full carbon frame? I'd most likely be running Avid BB7s and a DT Swiss 240S hub.

    In talking with my LBS and Kestrel (who recently got bought out by the parent company of Fuji Bikes), they feel that it is a bad idea to use the adapter on a carbon frame. Kestrel says it will void the warranty, etc. However, the guy I spoke with at Therapy Components said the adapter puts no more force on the brake post mount than a regular V-brakes would...

    Would I be a fool to try this out anyway?
  • 12-19-2007
    First, I have never put a Brake Therapy adapter on a carbon frame.

    The BT adapter attaches to the rear hub axle and one canti mount, it does not touch the frame anywhere else. The only concern may be the fact that the load is transfered to a single canti-mount.

    A hub adapter is required as well, make sure you contact BT to see if the hub you want to use is compatible. I've used the adapter on Shimano and CK hubs.

    Personally I don't think it's an issue, but Kestrel has the right to void your warranty, so that should be taken into account.