I have a feeling my problem may be with my fork but i'll explain as it could be my brake caliper. I have a 2004 fox 80rlt and shimano deore 555 hydraulic disc brakes both only 1 month old. The problem is that after centering the front brake the disc does not rub but once body weight is placed on the bike and I ride of the brakes become progressively worse as I dip into more of the travel. I know it is not the wheels flexing because if you flip the bike upside down on the ground and manually compress the fork from the bottom (spinning the wheel) than as the fork is compressed the rub gets worse.
As the caliper is tightened it wants to pull to one side (post mount caliper with shimano adaptor. I have tried different adaptor. Could it be the fox brake mounts are not aligned correctly? Could it be that the legs and outer legs are not straight. Why would it rub more when compressed (ignoring wheel flex and hub is tight) PLEASE HELP ME