After two months of hopesly not being able to align my new Hayes Strokers trails and not being able to stop the rear end from squeaking. Im proud to annouce that they are dailed in!! Seems that if you are an idiot and but the springs on your QR skewer on backwards, the wheel can't seat in the drop outs straight and you get a terrible evil squeaking that can be heard two ridges over.

Now that I have my problem solved, I switched out my front 7" rotor for an 8" rotor for our Moab trip this week and Whole Enchilada run. Can I go back and forth with rotor sizes once both sets of rotors are burnished? And the Wifey has a new set of Rydes, with 6" rotors. In all I have a full set of Hayes 6", 7" and 8" rotors and adapters, Can I mix and match between the two bikes based on riding conditions? Or does pad wear com into play?