• 09-05-2011
    straitline levers on Elixir CR Mag?
    Hey Everyone,

    I've got Elixir CR Mags and would like to put some straitline aftermarket levers on. in looking through the SRAM parts catalogue, I can see that the lever assembly is different than regular elixir CRs. Anybody know if straitline makes a lever that is compatible? Any parts from SRAM required to make them play nice? I know it's a fairly superficial upgrade, but I've had these levers before (on juicy's) and really like the feel of the lever compared to stock.

    any info is appreciated.

  • 09-07-2011
    Check out Straitline Components website and it should show on the information section about the Lever Blades what Elixir brakes they are compatible with. I believe they are compatible with all Elixir brakes. They only list like three, the Rs, CRs, and something else? But I believe they are all the same lever blades and Straitline only just listed a few of them.

    It should work out nicely.