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    Squish on the Formula K18

    Just built up a new ride and using the formula k18's. Love the lever feel but i decided to have the rear brake hose shortened at the LBS and bled. Now the rear brake lever feel is way softer than pre-bleed. It still grabs but with much harder pull required...thoughts? I called formula and they said it is important to follow their bleed instructions precisely. Any other formula users with input appreciated.

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    I agree with....

    the Formula CS guy. Sounds like the LBS didn't get the bleed right. A squishy or mushy lever feel is almost always an improper or poor bleed.

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    Just to check is it:

    1. The lever feels mushy, even when the pads are biting the rotor and slowing you down
    2. The lever moves a long way but feels fairly solid at the bite point.

    1. You need to bleed it.
    2. You need to reset the pistons closer to the caliper by tying the brake lever to the bar overnight with a bit of string or similar.

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