The tinny/ringing noise was driving me insane. No sound when braking. But when riding normally ( no brakes applied) the sound was irritating as hell. I ride on quiet country lanes which makes thinsg worst. Also when I am free wheeling the front wheel on a stand, my rotors have lots of room to spare between both my brake pads or the caplier. My bike also does not make this irritating noise when I took the front caplier off. I even thought about using v brake on the front to stop this crazy noise.

My setup is a a2z 8" disc with bb5 on the front

I tried like most of the stuff recommended on this site. ie

1) reposition the caplier.

2) check for rotor wrap

3) redid my rotor in different position.

4) leave bigger gaps betwen disc rotor and brake pads.

5) redone my front wheel so many times. ( thank god for quick release)

6) redone my quick release to the other side ( suggested in shimano manual for quick releases and disc brakes)

I was about to give up and decide to live with the irritating tinny/ringing noise from my rotor or use v brakes. For some odd reason I decided to adjust my stem. btw my headset did not feel loose in anyway.. After adjusting and tighten the headset.

And guess what, for 99.5% of time now, the tinny/ringing noise is gone. ( still leave my brake pads slightly further away though.)

Hope this helps with anyone else who gets this irritating tinny/ringing noise from their front disc brakes.