Hi guys,
Posted a bit of this in the Giant forum, but just to help out ill post here also.
Shimano have a new set of brakes out, the M485 set. I emailed Shimano and this was the info I was given-

Thanks for your inquiry.

It's crazy when our 2008 components are on bikes before we even get a chance to put them on our websites! Sorry about that. The M485 is our least expensive hydraulic disc system for 2008.
it's based on the current Deore series, but another of development means just about
the same performance at a lower price.

They also went on to say in a few weeks or so there would be an exploded view avaliable on http://techdocs.shimano.com

Hope that helps people out there that are after this info like I was. I think we will se a fair bit of these brakes around going by what Shimano said. Also, they are a dual piston brake, so should pull up pretty well.