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    Shimano Ice-Tech rotors with Non Shimano system?

    Gonna get new rotors for my brakes, and I was looking into Shimano Icetech's, since I have had problems with overheating and fading before. My question is, do the icetech rotors even work well with other brands of brakes? Mine are 2011 Magura Louise BATs. Just asking because I have yet to see any non shimano brake set up with icetech.

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    Im using ice tech rotors with hope m4 brakes. Works great, no problems with overheating or fade.

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    I used icetech rotors on my MT6's and was initially happy, but I swear the aluminum spider was warping because they never stayed centered. I switched to Storm SL rotors which solved that problem and I think have better bite and more power. All in all - it was an experiment I won't repeat.

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    The icetech sandwich may work but in the past I've had to straighten Shimano rotors with that aluminum spider and it's MUCH harder than straightening a standard rotor. Enough so that it has so far kept me from trying them.
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    Run BB7's with Storm SL's, and have one set of wheels with Ice-Techs. Not, yet had any warping issues, and believe them to have even more stopping power. Both are an improvement over the Avid rotors.

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    If your going to give Ice-techs a try I would suggest the Saint version that has the extended aluminum core extended into the center of the rotor.

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