Last season I had purchased a set of Deore M595 brakes. Damn good brakes, BTW. When I got them, I had switched from using Shimano brake fluid to Pentosin CHF 7.1. No one stocked Shimano fluid and NAPA has the Pentosin for quite a bit cheaper. The bleed process I used at that time was the "squeeze lever, open and close nipple, release lever, repeat". As shown in this video:

Shimano Deore M595 Bleed - YouTube

While it worked OK, I felt that I wasn't doing it right. Then I came across this video:

Part 1: XT Disc brake setup with Servo Wave - YouTube

Which shows a reverse bleed method. So, I set out to do the bleed this way. After all, it is the Shimano way. I went to Target because they have food injector syringes for $2 (I use these for grease as well). While there, I picked up one of those baby snot suckers to use in place of the clamp on thing used in the video. Picked up some 1/8" clear tubing at the hardware store. After all was said and done, I had less than $7 in parts for my bleed kit.

Did the bleed last night and I must say that the lever feels quite a bit firmer than what it did when using the first method of bleeding.