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    setting contact point adjustment closer to bars on Shimano M785 XT disc brakes

    I just got some XT M785 disc brakes with the contact point adjustment screw. My hands are very small, and I prefer the lever to contact the rotor very close the bar. My grip is strongest the closer my hand is to a fist. Out of the box, the contact point adjustment screw on the XT helps bring the contact point closer to the bar, but nowhere near what I was able to accomplish with the Avid's contact point adjustment

    Is there a trick to getting the contact point closer to the bar? Do I have to let out some fluid?

    They do feel amazing and are very strong. My forearms and hand just gets tired with the lever engages farther out.
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    I experienced the same thing as you. While everybody raves about the new Shimano's, I ditched mine after a month. On top of the inability to get the lever as close to the bar as I prefer to prevent arm pump, both me and my buddy experienced terrible brake howl and glazing on one particularly long DH. To boot, the Shimano levers are a wee bit too short for my liking when used in combination with the KS remote lever.

    I know the Avids get panned all over these boards but I find their adjustability superior and have never experienced the kind of glazing/howl I encountered on the XTs.

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