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Thread: Rotor rub.

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    Rotor rub.

    OK so I just got a new pair of avid elixer 5 on ebay for 150 for the pair. Question one: the back rotor will rub on the pads every time it gets to a certain point on the rotor, why is this
    ? is it bent or installed wrong?? tried adjusting pads no luck. Question two: so it came with a 185mm rotor for the front what is the reason for the bigger rotor?


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    Bigger rotor = more leverage = potentially better braking.

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    Larger rotor up front will give you much better stopping power on longer, steep descents.

    The rotor is slightly bent, not unusual when a rotor goes through the mail. Simply bend it back using a disc straightener or a crescent wrench. Don't expect to true it perfectly. Just enough to stop the rubbing should be fine.

    BUT FIRST... watch closely as you spin the wheel to make sure that the rotor is mounted straight before you do anything else

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