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Thread: Rim Brake Pads

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    Rim Brake Pads

    Hey all, I recently brought back my old 1996 GF Tassajarra from the dead and built it into a nice fully rigid 1x7 setup. The bike rocks and Iíve really enjoyed the simplicity of the setup. The one thing about the bike I donít like currently is the brake set up. It's got a cantilever brake set up that just doesnít have the stopping power that Iím used to with the modern day disc brakes. I realize that Iím going to give up some performance, but itís everything I can do now just to get the rear to lock up. I recently changed pads to some sort of trail orientated set up, but Iím sure there are better pad/lever options out there that I can leverage to improve performance.

    Is there a specific type or brand of brake pad that youíd recommend that will help improve stopping performance? Is there some sort of cleaning process I should do to the rim that could help? The rims are as old as the bike, so they do show some scoring and general wear and tear.

    I have looked into the possibility of just upgrading to disc brakes, but Iím not looking to drop that kind of coin at the moment.

    Thanks in advance for the help.
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    canti's aren't that weak compared to V's (I can lock up the front on V's) so locking up the rear shouldn't be a problem at all... as for cleaning the rims - back when I had V's I used to wet the down the rims, drag the brakes, then rinse away...

    actually to think of it, the only brakes I've ever really hated were caliper brakes w/ dept store pads clamping of chrome rims... no stopping power whatsoever

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    For my v-brakes, I clean rims with a basic wipe down using a wet paper towel and then with isopropyl alcohol. Same with pads. Doing this has made a big difference in performance for me.

    I don't know anything about cantilever performance or pad compatibility, but if KoolStop makes any pads which fit your brakes then I highly recommend them.

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    KoolStop salmon colored pads FTW

    I'd consider buying some budget Avid or Shimano Vs and a pair of SD-7 levers, to avoid the learning process of setting those cantis up to work well. But that's just me. Get them set up right and they should work just as well as a V does.
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