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    Replace Hydro with Mech.

    ok, I suck at bleeding hydro brakes, and have become a bit frustrated.
    I have Hayes Solos, perform well, but I stuggle with keeping them bled.
    I have about 1300 miles in 1.5 years, have tried to bleed them, and ended up taking them in to have the shop do it. My goal has always been to self maintain as much as possible.
    I understand cables, and have mech brakes on my hardtail.

    what would be a good, comparable mech replacement for these entry level hydros?
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    If you are absolutely set on getting mechs, then there is no question whatsoever - Avid BB7. Don't even consider anything else.

    Cheers, Chris
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    BB7 would actually put the So1es to shame.

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    for mechs bb7..

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    yeap the onle mechs that are relly disc'd are BB7's
    By the way ill tell you a very very simple way to bleed hayes.
    1: Open the reservoir cap
    2: Open the bleeding screw in caliper and attach a colorless pipe ( aquarium pipes) to its hose - be sure the pipe grips the hose head - and put the other end of that pipe in a bottle or something to collect fluid
    3: Place the master cylinder in a high position to caliper
    4: pour fluid in the reservoir and let it come out from the caliper bleed hose
    5: puor the fluid untill you see no bubles come out of the pipe for a long time
    6: Close the bleed hose scrrew -but be sure the reservoir is full and wont take in air as you go down to close the screw
    7: Fill reservoir and bolt on its cap - be carefull not to let air in while closing the cap
    8: Ride on
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    That is exactly how I bleed my Shimano hydros and it works great. The lbs here told me hayes should be bled from the bottom up, ie. injecting fluid into the bleed nipple via hose and a syringe... I'm sure both methods work fine, remember the goal is simply to get air out of the lines.

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    Try to get older BB7s with the Clean Sweep rotors. If you do get the roundagon rotors (2006 on up) you might not be real happy. I threw the roundagons I had away and replaced them with clean sweeps and all was good. The roundagons just wouldn't break in. Also Avid now has what they're calling the G2 rotors which looks like a lighter clean sweep. I've got BB7s on three of my bikes (none with roundagons) and they're great. Rear BB7s with 185 clean sweep rotors right now at Blue Sky Cycling.

    And remember you need Vee-brake type brake levers for the Avid mechs. I use XTR or XT brake levers--Avids are OK but I like the feel of the Shimano better. Check ebay or your LBS.

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    You're doing it backwards...

    Gravity is your friend. Fluid in from the bottom out from the top. You're trying to push bubbles downward.

    If you bleed them correctly you'll be much happier with the performance. Air in the lines will make for a weak brake.

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