I've got some Avid SD 7 V brakes on my commuter. I ride it often rain or shine, and I guess I'm guilty of not maintaining them properly. A couple of weeks ago my rear brake started to have a lot of slack on the cable and didn't have much power to it. I thought I was suffering from cable stretch and needed some new cables. Under closer examination, the rear caliper was completely locked up. I'm not sure of the exact name of the part, but you know that metal piece with the sping that the adjustment screw affects? When I got the brakes new that metal piece was loose and moved around completely. Now both of them are stuck hard in place and wont move.

I guess it's from all the rain water and salt getting in there from me riding in the rain. The guys at the bike shop said I should soak the brakes in a light solvent to break up any particles in there to get it moving again, and then oil it up and put it back on the bike. Any suggestions on a light solvent to soak the brakes in to get them moving again?