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Thread: Quietest pads?

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    Quietest pads?

    Have searched but didn't come up with exactly what I was looking for.

    I want quiet brakes, in any conditions. Howling brakes are probably the most irritating thing I can think of on a bike. Any pad will offer me plenty of stopping power, it's flat around here. What's the quietest? Do I need to buy Avid pads or is the off brand stuff all over ebay fine? And are organic pads the same as semi-metallic?

    I'm running Avid Juciy 3's.

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    Good luck, do a search on the mega Avid thread

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    So your Avid brakes are making a lot of noise - have you tried getting another brand of brake all together, say some Shimano's or some Maguras, what about Hygias? I have all 3 and non of them make a bunch of noises. But my friends with Avids, turkey call all the time.

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    I've always had good luck with Avid organic pads. They dont last as long, but they are much quieter.

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