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Thread: QUAD brakes

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    QUAD brakes

    Hi there all,
    I wonder if anyone here ever heard/used disc brake system called QUAD QHD-1? Is it any good?


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    I am in the process of setting up there disc brake kit for horizontal drop outs. but it uses a mechanical caliper.


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    Got them on the front of my SS, picked them up from my LBS for £10 as they had them lying around without the mounting hardware or disc. They work really similarly to my Hayes HFX and although the lever is a bit slow to return I think it just needs bleeding properly now and they will be running really nicely. I bought them after I read good review of them in one of the UK bike mags that rated them very highly for the quality and performance at such a good price, what you looking to be paying?
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    Ok i got a set of there mechanicle BMX disc brake kit. need altering a bit. still not set up properly so i havent ridden them yet.
    Do know much about ProStop 2 disc brakes?
    there is a set on ebay i want to get. unused but he doesnt have the mounting plate. That has the built in cable guide etc.
    Do you know anywhere i could get parts etc for them. Or anyone who has a one that is complete with mounting gear.
    any help would be much appreciated
    Regards Josh

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