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    Not enough space for pads in caliper? Guide rs help

    Tips for getting brakes from not rubbing? Have some sram guide RS on my bike that are new, cannot adjust the caliper to stop rubbing. When I loosen the bolts, grab brake, retighten it doesn’t help much.

    Also tried doing it visually but I can adjust it to where both pads are off the brake at the same time. When I try to do it by sight, there is no room to move the caliper around where the pads aren't touching the rotor.

    Also tried a spacing tool like the Hayes and Birzman ones to no avail. Any advice?? I tried resetting the pistons too which worked until I used the front brake again (after putting the wheel back on) then it just started rubbing again. I tried using a small screwdriver to spread the pads apart a little and hopefully push the pistons back in, but it just ended up taking a little divot out of each brake pad...that was probably a bad idea, will stick to using tire levers from now on...

    Any advice? I swear its like these pads do not fit in the caliper. I don't know if I need to reset the pistons again? Every time I try to do that the wheel will spin freely until I start using the break again, and the pistons then come back into their more inward position and don't naturally go back out to where I pushed them out to.

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    Tuned out at 'sram guide RS'...

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    Is there too much fluid in the system? This can happen doing a ghetto bleed. You can push and hold the caliper pistons apart and open the bleed screw in the lever to let excess out. Close the bleed screw before releasing the pistons. I use two clean flat bladed screw drivers wedged between the pads from opposite side of the caliper to force the pistons back.

    Another possibility is the lever pistons sticking. There was a very large run (all?) of Guide levers where the lever pistons swelled and starting sticking. Based on the serial number (under the caliper), SRAM will send out new levers for free through an authorized dealer like your LBS.
    Do the math.

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    It's the infamous sticky lever piston issue. Time to contact SRAM via your local shop to get it replaced under warranty.

    With an overfilled system, you won't be able to push the caliper pistons back to reset them. Since you were able to reset them, it means the problem is something sticking in the system and preventing the pads from returning properly. In almost all cases with Guide brakes, this is caused by a sticky piston on the lever end.

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    Chances are if they're not OEM pads, they'll have different tolerances ^^

    I too buy cheaper brake pads (mega-consumables) & they've never fitted perfectly out of the box.

    My tip?.... get a little sand paper & rub off a mm or so, either side. Then chuck em back in & see how they go.

    If still rubbing, repeat above ;-)

    Love my Guide R's on my Enduro mule... great modulation (i.e. won't lock up your a$$, sending you flying down the trail - out of control).

    Aye Mr. Pig ;-P

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