I recently scored a set of Saint M810 brakes (levers and 4 piston calipers) for my Yeti 575. I installed them using adapters that I already had and a set of 2 piece Hope rotors I had as well. I used the standard Shimano 203mm front adapter for the 203mm Hope front rotor and used another Shimano 203mm front adapter for the rear 183mm Hope rotor. It took a little work to get this combo to work correctly but in the end it worked out great.

For the rear I needed to use a small washer between the caliper and adapter to get it to work properly. The edge of the rotor was slightly rubbing on the inside top of the caliper, after putting the washers in it worked perfect.

For the front, I got the caliper centered over the rotor so the pads would not rub but it still wasnt working out right. The "rivets" that attach the 2 pieces of the Hope rotors were rubbing on the inside of the caliper right where it attaches to the mount. I used my dremel with a grider wheel and grinded down the mount on the caliper a little bit and after a few tries got it perfect.

Now there is no bubbing issues front or back and I have it set up with just what I wanted.

Inital impressions:
The brakes have tons of stopping power. I only got to take it for a brief spin around the parking lot after making the alterations but will be taking it out on the trails on Wednesday when I am off work. So far I am super happy with these brakes, especially at the price I paid for the entire setup. The brakes look killer and from what I could tell on the short ride perform absolutely wonderful!! Look forward to actually getting out on the trail with them and testing them out a little more. I highly recommend this setup to anyone looking for a set of brakes with a lot of power.