Bought a set of Crossmaxx SX's with the center lock option. Would like to run my centerlock Magura venti-rotors on them. Not a chance. Can't get a shimano OS locking to work b/c of the thick aluminum carrier on the rotor. Even though the rotors come with a lockring that only works with anything but a 15mm or 20mm hub, does Magura make a lock ring for the not so 9mm crowd??? These Venti rotors are great and I don't want to have to go through the hastle of sending my wheels back to mavic (ba$tards don't supply a lock ring with there wheelset) in exchange for a 6 bolt. Shimano saint, XT and XTR all work fine but not Magura. Whatcha think? Any suggestions? I tried the Magura website, they have a forum but it won't accept my email. Not about to change my email for this.