I have a hayes stroker trail mc/lever that I need to run a 160cm line to a rear brake that actually uses a much larger banjo bolt than normal - an M10 - listed as "M10x1x22" (22 is the length, I don't think that's important in thise case.)

I feel like I'd start with the goodridge brake line kit #108 - gives me everything except the correct banjo. I can't seem to find an m10 banjo that I'm sure would fit the line, though. Search for "goodridge brake kit 108" to see what I mean.

I just need a larger version of the banjo that has the same screw type fitting, right? Can't seem to find one. I could also go with a completely custom line somewhere else.

Does anyone here have experience with custom lines? I'm getting really frustrated with the naming conventions and lack of info for brake line fittings online. I don't want to throw $10 per fitting at something that may not fit.

Ideas/thoughts? Anything would be helpful. Thanks!