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Thread: Need Brak Pads

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    Need Brak Pads

    I need new brake pads. This will be the first time buying pads for my Avid Elixer 5 brakes. Looks like aftermarket pads are about half the price. Will they work just as well as Avid pads?

    Should I get Avid pads or aftermarket pads? Any suggestions on pads?

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    i have read alot of good reviews on (Kool-Stop MTB Pad) thinking about upgrading my bike with these. Price Point: $9.98

    Dual compound
    Formulated for top braking performance
    Patented process blends two top compounds
    Angled tip and plow
    Knurl-Lock (TM) washer system

    9 people 4.78 stars

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    I saved some money once by switching to Disco brake pads. When ripping down long descents, the amount of fade was nothing short of ridiculous. Now I stick to OEM pads. Top notch performance comes at a price.

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    I've read differing experiences about after-market pads. It may depend on the brake model.

    The ebay pads I tried on xt's were not that good. Alligator pads, both metallic and ceramic, have worked great. Their ceramic pads may be better than shimano pads, imo.

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