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    MTBr Users: Caliper, Rotor & Pad Combonation List

    So, list up your Caliper, Rotor and Pad combinations and tell MTBr if your combination screams in wet conditions, or if it does not. Please only list up if you keep up maintenance and have had the brakes re-installed multiple times by self or shop.

    If you like, you can also include a small summary of the conditions that lead to the brakes screaming and how you cured it. That is, if they have a tendency to scream when wet.

    I will create a list and keep it updated with links in the list to each participants post. The list will be comprised of;

    Quiet Brake Combos:
    Caliper, Rotor & Pad Combos That Don't Scream When Wet

    Screaming Brake Combos:
    Caliper, Rotor & Pad Combos That Scream When Wet
    pdxmark: 2013 MTN_BB7; sintered-metallic pads; G2 CleanSweep
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    I'll start:

    Brake Combination:
    2013 MTN_BB7; sintered-metallic pads; G2 CleanSweep

    Started screaming when the wet season started. Faced pads and rotor and imbedded as per instructions on Pinkbike Tech Article. After a couple of rides to work and back brakes started screaming again. Cleaning rotor and pads with alcohol stops the noise for a little while, but noise has always comes back.

    The only likely thing I can think of is contaminants(oil and other chemicals) in the rain water from the ground that splashes up onto the rotor, or, these pads and/or rotor(s) are poo! I think it's more the pads.

    Edit: Next payday I'll order some Discobrakes 'Black ceramics', imbed and repost.

    Edit2:On another registrants advice, I washed my caliper, pads and rotor with brake cleaner, wipe clean, than re-imbed. I did just that. I got out in the rain and the breaks were squealing/screaming loudly. So I pumped really hard and than braked hard, did this several times and my brakes did not scream on the way to work.

    Well, after work, get the bike into the rain and they start screaming again. So again, pump really hard and hard brake, several times... Screaming gone for the whole ride home.
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    you will be extremely hard pressed to find a combo, or any for that matter that don't when wet.

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    I'm starting to think that the big ass holes in my G2Cleansweeps are collecting oily ground water and causing the brakes to scream until I burn the water/contaminants off with hard braking.
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