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    Moto Style Brake Lever Flip

    How many people run there brakes moto style. Since I have been riding dirtbikes and what not for a few years, it seems way more natural to have the front on the right and the back on the left.

    Anyone ever have problem as a result of swapping them over?

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    The hose routing to the front caliper is cleaner too.

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    Everyone in the UK runs their brakes like that, you just need to lengthen the front brake cable and shorten the rear one and it will work just as well as what you refer to as “normal”…

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    There was a similar thread (link) earlier this week. As EGF has said, the only mechanical issue is that the hose for the front brake may be too short from a left-hand set-up.

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    Just another reminder that normal depends on where you're from (these forums do have members all over the world)...left or right handed would be fine...
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