(all you dual-control haters can stop reading now ... just move onto the next thread)

Okay, so I bought a new set of ST-M770 XT dual-control levers a month ago when they went on super-discount. I use Avid BB7 brakes and loved the dual-control, but wondered if there was any power adjustment like my old LX levers with the L-M-H hex.

Well, I was looking at some of Shimano's docs today and found a reference (on some Australian site, go figure) for the "hidden" adjustment block in the ST-M770 and BL-M770 levers. Strangely, the insert that came with my dual-control levers makes no mention of power adjustability, but if you look at Shimano's parts layout for the same levers:


You can clearly see item number "6" in the above PDF, the "Adjustment Block & Screw". This is the dealie that controls the lever "force".

I just took the block out, reversed it, and put it back in, and WOW, what a difference it makes! The BB7 brakes now grab like crazy!!! I'm thinkin' I like the dual-control even more now than I already did!! Woohoo!!!!! (okay, seriously, I'm not that excited, but is pretty cool to be able to adjust these things).

Warning: any modification to your braking power can be very dangerous! Don't try this at home!!!!