Mono6ti's VS. Gustavs

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  • 07-15-2004
    Mono6ti's VS. Gustavs
    Got a big dilema....which brakes to get. Going to be used for very often DHing, racing, and freeriding. Its between these brakes.....and I can get the for around the same price...maybe the Hopes a bit cheaper. I have heard good and bad things about the Hopes, and have heard good things about the Gustavs. I love the way the Hopes look, but they use the DOT fluid as where the Gustavs use the mineral oil. Any ideas as to which one to stuck.
  • 07-16-2004
    Can't comment on the Hope's...
    ... performance as I've never owned a set, but I certainly think they sure look nice.

    I've been using Gustavs for my fifth season now, and have absolutely no reason to try anything different. They work: I never need to do anything to them and they stop - the way all brakes should: great modulation, fantastic power, and a control that you never need more than a single index finger to harness.

    Add on the fantastic Magura Service, the 5 year leak proof warranty and the "mtbr Magura cult" and I think you can't go wrong.