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    Good job! Mike T for president,

    hello ya'll just wanted to than Mike T and the magura cult website for the help with my martas. It seemed some how that the front brake resivior cap develped a small air leak and was hindering braking performance after about 20 minutes of riding. I looked near and far well not that far but i did have numerous local stores here in southern ontario loook for a small parts kit at the magura distrubuter here, lambert cycles. Needless to say out of 5 stores only one got back to me over the past 3 weeks and it was to say that it would take them anohter month or so to get the needed resivoir cap and bladder. After posting on this board i checked out the maguracult site and emailed mikeT, needless to say he responded within the day, and after a couple of more explanations about the problem, he said that a resivoir and bleed kit would be sent out from maguraUSA as soon as possible. Wella that was around 2 to 3 weeks ago and it arrived today along with a bleed kit, small parts package and some magura Juice. I would like to personally thank MikeT, as i leave for north carolina next week and would not be a happy camper without my front brake. Magura has secured my loyality for many years to come and personaly i think other companies should follow suit in the ideals and customer satisfaction principles MikeT has brought about.
    Thank MikeT , STEVE Knighton

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    yeah he is

    a big pain, eh?

    Cycles Lambert has held me ransom in Vancouver before, I think that Magura is taking some steps to alleviate the pain. Well in BC, anyhow.

    Mike is owed a bunch of thanks from all of us that use Magura, and Jimi and his predecessor Thorsten have been nothing short of perfect in customer service.

    Bwaynos brakos, Jim MCM #11

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    I'll second that...

    Except he can't be President. Cause he's British, errrr, Canadian, errr, Britadian or whatever.

    Anyway, back in the good old MTBR days I nominated Mike for the 1st ever lifetime MTBR achievement award which I propose be named the Endo.

    Keep up the good work Mike and long live the Cult.


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    Heheheh {{{{{{{BLUSH}}}}}}}. I'm glad it all turned out ok for you Steve. It's not difficult to do "what's right" to sort out a problem is it? It just needs the BS, politics and personal agendas pushing out of the way and getting done what needs to be done with no silly excuses.

    The excuse "Errr we don't have the parts" needs to be followed with the statement "But we'll have them as soon as is possible" and that shouldn't be a lame excuse for the parts to be ordered in the next stock order.

    But don't get me started on why distributors don't stock small parts. If they want the exclusivity of distributorship they should have the decency to offer parts and service but that's just my opinion and what do I know?

    My hat's off to the makers that give service with a smile. Some of the brake people seem to have a corner on that market.

    Mike T. (mcm # 717)
    Mike T's home wheelbuilding site - dedicated to providing Newby wheelbuilders with information and motivation.

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    Mike who?

    Quote Originally Posted by maynard
    hello ya'll just wanted to than Mike T and the magura cult..., STEVE Knighton
    Oh! You mean eMTea! Yeah, that troublemaker raises the bar for everybody, dang his furry hide. The boy's mighty good at doin' the stand up thing, whatever it might be at the moment.

    But I think he's too old to be president.


    We don't quit riding because we get old.
    We get old because we quit riding.

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    no matter if a little too old , too much Canadian, too rebellious, too.....

    he gets my vote anyday.

    besides he kicks ass going uphill and regulary beats them young

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    Whilst were all kissing Mike's butt could I please have membership enabled to you know what cult

    Yours sincerely,


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    Quote Originally Posted by Brakemeister
    .........he kicks ass going uphill and regulary beats them young

    Sigh, I kick less ass and beat less young ones up hills as time goes by Thor. I'm getting past my "best sell-by" date for climbing hills. But the good thing is that I've got a whole other career as a fully-suspended, gravity-assisted, free-wheeling, downhilly rider yet to start. Yayyy! I can't wait to get really old.
    Mike T's home wheelbuilding site - dedicated to providing Newby wheelbuilders with information and motivation.

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