I'm hoping you knowledgeable folk can help me.

Iíve bled my Louise FRs and noticed something Iím not sure of with the master cylinder membrane. The oil side has a small nipple in the middle of the ďkeelĒ. Below this, when assembled, is a small grey oval plastic part which looks like it locates in one of the two ports at the bottom of the master cylinder and covers the other. The top of this plastic oval part has a tiny hole in it.

Is the nipple on the membrane supposed to locate into the tiny hole or does it just push down on this port cover? On mine the nipple is bent to one side and looks a little too big to fit this hole anyway and the port cover had fallen out of its holes too. Is this normal or are the parts faulty?

The brakes work fine, but it doesnít seem right.

Many thanks for your help.