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    magura louise or louise fr?


    I'm a half-happy user of magura louise fr, rear one works great, but front one is very weak.
    there is difference in look of front and rear caliper.
    front one:

    rear one looks like this:

    is front one really a louise fr, or is it louise?


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    It's a Louise FR.

    The legs are different because front and rear calipers are different. A 160mm rear caliper used on the front would have to use a 180mm rotor.

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    Are your brakes new?If so the front may not be bedded in yet.So far all my Maggies have oddly bedded in at different rates.Some after a few hard stops,and my last front FR took for ever.But now I can easily lock up the front with 1 finger.Other wise the front rotor/pads are contaminated or you need to bleed them or both.

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    Swap the pads between the front and rear calipers and see if that makes a difference. If so, your pads are the problem.
    My video techniques can be found in this thread.

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