Alright fellas. I am getting back into riding and remembering how much I missed it. Well I have two bikes. A Santa Cruz Chameleon singlespeed and a Santa Cruz Heckler 1x9. I am trying to get them both running with the parts I have and try to spend as little as possible. The Chameleon is back up to full speed. The Heckler is giving me fits. It used to be a full 27 gears. For the trails I am riding though I don't need them all and converted the bike to a single chainring in the front.

I wanted to transfer my old Magura HS33 rim brakes to the Heckler. They started off raceline yellow. Then I painted them red, then I took them apart, stripped them, and painted them black. I put them back together, but never mounted them before I got busy with other things.

I got them all back together now though. The rears are working well. Got them bled and running great. The fronts are another story. Got them all put back together, mounted them, bled them. I tried them once and now the lever is stuck in. I am sure I messed them somehow with my disassembly and painting. Anyways, I was thinking I would upgrade the master cylinders and levers for the new ones.

Now I got a quote from one dude on Ebay for $71.... each. Hell I can find whole brakesets for that price online. My question is do any of you guys know where I may be able to find them for cheaper. I would be fine with slightly used as long as they are in working order. I am looking for the following part numbers (0 721 850 and 0 721 851). This is the master cylinder and lever in black.

And please no, "you should just go disc talk." I would love to, but can't afford it. I am running some wicked nice wheels with Chris King hubs and Mavic rims, so to get into a comporable disc wheelset would cost me close to1K. Can't afford that right now.

Any help would be gretaly appreciated.