But I just want to know what's good/bad out there.

I'd be looking at something like a 30pc bulk box for brake cables and something along 20-30ft of compression-free reinforced brake housing or universal type (pvc-strands-pvc-braid-outer layer) that I can use for both brake and derailleurs.

I've seen some "standard mtb stainless" SRAM, Shimano and Clark bulk box of 100pc, but I'd like to get slick stainless and not just standard stainless, because I'll be using them on full housing setup with mech or V's. I honestly don't think I'll be using more than 30 cables, so 100's seems like a waste. So is anyone here (got to be) know if "standard SRAM SS brake cables" are slick SS or not ? Same for Shimano and Clark.

IMO I wouldn't be surprised if you told me they are all the same, just re-branded, but with only a picture you can't tell.

And regarding the housing, are any house brand like SRAM, Shimano, Clark, etc just coil or strand or actually real brake housing with compression-free strands ?