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    Longer Levers on XT brakes

    1 finger braking capability is great, but I simply like to ride with 2 fingers on the brake levers. XT levers are too short for me. Is there any way to get XT (or Saint or Zee or ??) brakes with longer levers?

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    Nope. My advice is to learn to use one finger. I know it feels weird and sketchy at first but you'll get used to it and appreciate the extra finger on the bar.

    If you really need, the BR-M395 seems like the only current Shimano hydro brake with a long lever. The short one finger lever really is the way to go...

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    I can and often do use two fingers on my SLX levers (as I understand it the SLX levers are the same size and shape as the XTs). I use one finger when my hands are on the grips in such a way that it's impractical to use two. Then again, I'm also the kind of person who still prefers to shift up using my index finger I sometimes use my thumb, but not very often - I have the shifter angled so I can use either.

    Perhaps repositioning the levers on the bars might help?

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    Here is a discussion of 3-finger XT levers
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    Get used to using 1 finger. The more fingers wrapped around the grips the better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wv_bob View Post
    Here is a discussion of 3-finger XT levers
    Damn, schooled

    I forgot about the new XT Trekking stuff. Good on ya.

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