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    I bought a Cannondale SL4 29er about 4 months ago and it has become a complete money pit. I am a novice when it comes to hydraulic disc brakes and was very excited to finally purchase a bike that had them.

    So here is my problem. I noticed after a 30 mile bike ride on a paved road that the tension on my front brake lever was pretty low. I took it to the bike shop in town, they bleed it, and everything seemed fine. About a week later when I was on a pretty rocky trail about half way through I could tell my tension was diminishing again. I took it back to the bike shop and they apparently topped off the reservoir and everything seemed fine again. Now we are at 2 weeks later and I basically have no use of my front brake.

    I checked the reservoir last night and it looks full but there is some sediment or something that has settled in it (looks like dirt to me). I don't see any leaks coming out of the brake line and I can't, for the life of me, figure out what is going on. I am a newbie at this but I am trying to not have to buy a whole new disc brake set or keep taking my bike back to the shop.

    I ride about 250-350 miles a month. Some on pavement some on trails and have been really good about continual maintenance. Any ideas or information would be helpful. I can't keep spending $30 every other week to have my brake lines bleed.

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    I was able to fix this problem by doing some youtube searching and 'burping' the brakes. Was able to ride a 20 mile ride on the trails without much of a problem. I did feel less pressure on my brake by the end of the ride but not as bad as when I originally started. I believe there is an air leak in the cable and will be replacing it soon but for the short term, this worked for me.
    How to burp disc brakes - YouTube

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    Interesting....I have the same bike and have put several hundred miles on it, mostly trail, and have not seen this issue. I do notice that overall they are not the greatest set of brakes, but for the total price of the bike they seem to be appropriate.
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