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    Learned a New Trick

    My '04 Louise FR disks were working great. Then I had to take the front wheel off. I pushed the pads back and let them readjust when I put the wheel back on but they rubbed a little bit. I tried it again with the same result. I tried different tensions on the QR and rotating the axel with no luck. The inner pad was too close and rubbed a little. Finally, I removed the wheel, pushed the pads back, and reinstalled. Then I put a business card between the inner pad and the rotor and pulled the lever a few times to readjust. This allowed the outer pad to contact the rotor with the inner pad a short distance away. Voila. No more rubbing. I think the caliper resistance is not quite the same on each side so when readjusting the inner it would contact the rotor and deflect it a little before the outer hit. This left the inner too close.

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    Yup. That happens...

    Occassionally one piston will get just a bit sticky for whatever reason and the pads have to be re-actuated.
    I've been doing a permutation of your trick for a few years. I push the rotor gently toward one piston and hold it there with my hand while I actuate the brake lever. Then I repeat on the other side. Then I take a close look at whichever piston is closer to the rotor, push the rotor to that side and repeat one last time. Takes about 30 seconds.
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