Couple of days ago while leaving from work, I noticed that somebody had cut my brake hose and stolen my KCNC X7 rear brake caliper! I was shocked because I cannot understand that what he will do with it (in Finland, markets are small so its hard to sell that specific piece).

Anyway, I have been wondering how to solve the situation. It seems impossible to find kcnc x7 caliper from anywhere or even just a rear brake. Just full sets available.

One option I am looking for atleast temporary solution is replacing brake caliper with shimano xt caliper. Both systems use mineral oil and both seems to have 22mm pistons. For me it sounds possible, do you have any comments?

Also if somebody have any information about KCNC spares, I would appreciate it very much. BTW, in Finland you cannot keep bikes outside too long in downtown. They will get almost certainly stolen.