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Thread: Juicy Failure

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    Juicy Failure

    So after my run-around with getting a proper seal at the hose/lever the other week, now this:

    Last night I go on a new ride, a pretty gnarly fireroad climb and decent. Never made it to the singletrack before dark, so we came down the fireroad. Steep fireroad. The entire way down, I was stoked on how well the Juicys were hanging in there.

    So tonight, I grab the rear lever and notice some sponginess. Not a surprise, as I figured the brake workout last night brought some air out of the lines and it was now collected somewhere.

    I bleed (my best job yet), finish up, give the lever a good squeeze, and the caliper audibly squirts fluid all over everything. One look and you can tell it came from a piston.

    So did the heat toast the piston seal? Or is it possible I did something weird during the bleed and unseated the seal?

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    With some brakes, you can dislodge the piston by squeezing the lever while the caliper has nothing to bite (i.e. a rotor). Any chance that happened?

    I for one, am not impressed with my Juicys.

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    Nope. The caliper was always on the rotor while bleeding.

    Just for the benefit of the class, I'll follow up. I called SRAM of course, and the honestly helpful guy I spoke with told me to just take it in to a shop, have them call it in, and he'd send a new one to the shop.

    I don't want to get the guy busted, but he mentioned there were some early calipers that had sealing problems between the two halves, and thought that might be my case.

    I had to buy a mechanical though to keep riding...bummed about that.

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