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    Juicy 7's with Hope Gothic Brake Rotors


    I am gettign tired of the stutter with the polygon rotor. Love the brake handle and its adjustability. Love the modulation and brute stopping power. 185 in front and 160 in back.

    So I am thinking of trying the Hope Gothic Rotors. Anybody else try them? Any feedback. Cost is not the issue. Smooth and powerful is the issue.


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    I have them and they are SWEET! They're heavier than a regular rotor because they're a little thicker, but that just means that you'll have to try pretty hard to get brake fade. I just did a 5 mile downhill a couple days ago and was finally feeling the tiniest bit of fade while braking as hard as I could into the last couple switchbacks. As for power, all I can compare them to is a Hayes V-cut, but a 185mm Gothic rotor feels like it has 60-80% more power than the 160mm V-cut I used to have. My only gripe about them is the weight, but then I ask myself if I've ever been climbing and thought to myself, "Damn, this rotor is really slowing me down!"

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