Hi, not quite another thread on 'what are the best brakes'.

My question is a bit more specific, Iím currently speccing/building my new bike (my dream-come-true- Jones). I'm going to be running the loop bars so as well as looking for a great brake set, Iíve given myself a few other factors to limit my choices even further. Due to the way the bars are, I'm looking at brake sets that have a smooth bar clamp to maximise as much of the bar space as it can. Another quirk of the bars is that the levers need to be set up much closer to the bars (due to the swept bar angle) so that everything works... And I definitely want hydro's, not mechanicals.

In speccing the new bike, this is the only aspect Iím really unsure of. I ride cross country and like mud (which is handy in Scotland).

Iím thinking XO (because Iíve current running Avid Ultimate 7ís and like them) but just wondering what else would work? Any suggestions?

Many thanks for any wisdom you could pass onÖ