I have XT M775 brakes and like them a lot (and they get lots of love here), but I always thought a set of Magura's I had tried on a demo bike were smoother and quieter. The Shimano's didn't squeal so much, but just seemed to have a metal on metal scraping sound and feel to them. They cam with the metallic M06 pads, so that may be part of it. Anyway, I tried the Jagwire semi-metallic pads front and rear (I use semi-metallic for my car and truck, so why not?) and I wanted to share my opinion. They have every bit as much power as the M06 metallic Shimano pads, but are quieter and smoother. I'd have to compare back to back to see if they were as smooth as the Magura's, but they feel great and are flat out dead silent. Two thumbs up!!